{Enter Code to Activate Amazon Prime}

Amazon is the world’s site with various services and video platforms including Amazon prime video here you watch the latest movies and lots of web shows on Amazon prime video. Amazon Fire TV or smart TV, Roku, and many other streaming gadgets when you activate Amazon Prime video on with enter your activation code on your smart device and within few steps to Enjoy! Amazon prime videos.

What are the amazing features from

If you download the authentic and genuine subscription from the verification, then here are what you need to follow:

  1. You can easily download the recordings to view each separately from any time anywhere.
  2. The user can cast from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen with the Chromecast.
  3. At X-Ray, you can easily find the IMDb information on the animators along with the random data identified when it was recorded with the recordings.
  4. It enables you to watch your favorite content by downloading the various TV operating system apps on code.

Method to create an account

During the activation, you come to a stage where you need to log in to your account. But if you do not have this account, then you will not be able to log in successfully. One should note that, you only need this account for the activation purpose and not otherwise.

  1. Using the reliable browser of your device, you need to visit
  2. After that, locate the tab reading as ‘New to Amazon’.
  3. Under it, you will find an option to ‘Create Your Amazon Account.’
  4. Then, click on this option to open the registration page.
  5. On this page, enter the details such as your name and email address.
  6. Then, choose a unique password for your account.
  7. Finally, click on the ‘Create Your Amazon Account’ option.
  8. Now, you need to complete the account verification steps.
  9. Hit the ‘Continue’ button once you are done.
  10. For becoming Amazon Prime member, provide some additional details.

Guidelines to activate Amazon Prime on your Smart TV

After getting to know about all the necessary pre-requisites and the compatible devices, it is time now to learn to activate Amazon Prime on your smart TV with the help of activation code. For getting this code, one must have an Amazon account and Amazon Prime Video App on their smart devices. Here are the general steps for the activation purpose:

  1. To begin with it, you need to navigate to the app store of your Smart TV.
  2. Using the search bar, locate the ‘Amazon Prime’ app.
  3. Then complete some steps to add it to your Channel list.
  4. Once you have the app on your device, you need to open it.
  5. Now, find the option reading as ‘Register on the Amazon Website’.
  6. After locating this option, you need to click on it.
  7. Further, you will receive the amazon mytv verification code on your screen.
  8. Make a note of this code somewhere as you will need it later.
  9. After that, using your smart device’s web browser, go to amazon tv/mytv page.
  10. The link for this page is
  11. Now, you need to log in to your Amazon account and enter the noted code.
  12. Click on the “Register device” option and you are done.